Here’s my complete back catalogue. All albums and most EPs are available on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify etc via Biphonic Records. You can also stream them via the Bandcamp links below. Some are free to download but donations are welcome and will all go towards future releases.

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All of the days loch 2

After All Of The Days We Will Disappear, by Andrew Eaton-Lewis (2019)

  1. Medicine
  2. The white noise
  3. Don’t let the winter freeze your heart
  4. The song that says they’re gone
  5. Hanging
  6. Enchanted / Alright
  7. The path, the beach, the sea (a song cycle)
  8. Dead orchestras


The Winter of 88,  by Seafieldroad (2014)

1. The Last House On Holland Island
2.  A Port In The Storm
3. There Is No Authority That We Won’t Argue With
4. Don’t Let The Winter Freeze Your Heart
5. The World Is Just Noise
6. This Road Won’t Build Itself
7. Clean Pale Hands
8. Findhorn
9. Leave The Stadium
10. The Winter Of 88
11. Islands Of The North Atlantic


Seafieldroad (2010)

1. Cramond Island Causeway
2. What Became Of Pinky And Honker
3.  I Just Want To Sledge With My Baby
4. The Warplanes Are Blitzing The Town
5. There Is A Train That Goes Thousands Of Miles Away
6. You Are The Only Place On The Map
7. The Coastal Path
8. Walking On A Dream


There Are No Maps For This Part Of the City,  by Seafieldroad (2010)

1. Brian Wilson Karaoke
2. There Are No Maps for This Part of the City
3. The Truth
4. Tesseract
5. Hanging
6. Emily by the Seaside
7. Advocate’s Close
8. Stamped Addressed Envelope
9.  All I Wanted Was to Be a Gangster
10. Feeble Jesus
11. All the Ways of This Love
12. Fucking Manchester
13: What Happens Now

NB: tracks 6 and 13 above are only available via Bandcamp

Whatever Gets You Through The Night (compilation, 2012)

A collection of night-time songs by Scottish musicians including Ricky Ross, Emma Pollock, Eugene Kelly, and Rachel Sermanni. It was compiled by Swimmer One – as part of a bigger multi-media project created with theatre director Cora Bissett and playwright David Greig – and includes one Swimmer One song, All The Things That Make You Want to Disappear, and one Seafieldroad song, The Palace of Light.


Dead Orchestras, by Swimmer One (2010)

1: Dead Orchestras
2: This Club is for Everybody, Even You
3: The Erskine Bridge
4: Psychogeography
5: Here’s Your Train, Safe Home
6: Lorelei and Dorothy
7: You Have Fallen Way Short of Our Expectations
8: The Fakester Resurrection
9: Ghosts in the Hotel
10: All the Hits

The Regional Variations, by Swimmer One (2007)

1: Drowning Nightmare 1
2: Largs Hum
3: National Theatre
4: But My Heart Is Broken
5: The Fakester Genocide
6: The Balance Company
7: Drowning Nightmare 2
8: Whatever You Do, Don’t Go In The Basement
9: Regional
10: The Dark Ages
11: A Petrol Pump In The Cradle Of Christianity
12: Cloudbusting (bonus track only available via Bandcamp download)


Wee Studio demos

Wee Studio Demos, by Andrew Eaton-Lewis (2020)

  1. Pulling Ragwort on the Sabbath
  2. Sad Country Boy
  3. All Art is Worthless

There Is No Authority That We Won’t Argue With, by Seafieldroad (2015)

  1. There Is No Authority That We Won’t Argue With
  2. Hear This Sing
  3. The Robbery

Come on, Let’s Go! by Swimmer One (2003)

Listen via Spotify, Amazon, or Apple Music.

1: Come On, Let’s Go!
2: Lake Tahoe
3: How Could Something Like That Be Love?

We Just Make Music For Ourselves, by Swimmer One (2002)

1: We Just Make Music For Ourselves
2: Talk Me Down From 20000 Ft
3: Music For Other People

Home recordings, 1988-2001

Early guitar recordings, 1994-1995


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