All of the days bird pic

Hi, my name’s Andrew Eaton-Lewis. I used to be in a band called Swimmer One.

I’ve made an album called After All Of The Days We Will Disappear. You can buy it here.

After All Of The Days We Will Disappear is the first album I’ve released under my own name.  I think it’ll also be my last album.

I’ve been asking myself a few questions during this process. Why did I start writing songs? Why did I stop? And what was the point of it all? So I’ve been writing a diary looking back on all the songs I’ve ever released, called All Of The Days.

You can listen to my back catalogue here. Some of the songs are free to download.

I’m also using this website as a platform for some short films that accompany the new album. You can watch them here.

Hopefully this will still be of interest to somebody.