Seafieldroad promo pic 2

Hello and welcome to the online home of singer-songwriter Andrew Eaton-Lewis.

I’m currently finishing an album for Wee Studio Records and writing songs with The Demented Poets.

You can listen to my back catalogue here

If you’ve no idea who I am here’s a brief history. Or you can read about my last album in The List and the National.

If you’d like to watch some music videos go here.

If you have a bit more time you might like to read All Of The Days, a diary I’ve been writing for the past two years in which I use each song I’ve released since 2002 as a jumping off point to talk about other things, from Brian Wilson and Michael Jackson to political protestnational identity, Britpop and racism, Scottish independence, portrayals of death in children’s films, and gangster movies.

Thanks to Alex Hewitt for the portraits, taken way back in 2012 for the release of the first Seafieldroad album, and to Laura Cameron-Lewis for the header photo, taken near our home in Uig.