Day 3: Come on, let’s go!

Come On, Let’s Go! was Swimmer One’s second single. It was originally called The Unnamable Disco – hence the title of Daniel Warren’s accompanying film, shot at Dance Base in Edinburgh – until we decided that was a preposterous thing to call a pop single. A good decision, I reckon, since we would otherwise have had to spend a lot of time explaining why we’d written a pop song based on The Unnamable by Samuel Beckett.

The title we did use was a bit of a nod to the famous ‘let’s go’ line in Waiting for Godot, but luckily nobody noticed, because I wouldn’t have been able to explain that one very well either. In short, I was trying to write a lyric about somebody having an existential crisis while dancing, but mainly I just thought ‘I can’t go on, I’ll go on’ was a good line for a chorus. At the time I hadn’t even read The Unnamable (yes, I know, but it’s not just me who does this sort of thing, ok?), I’d just seen a short film adaptation that Daniel had made. It still tickles me that Daniel has made two films based on The Unnamable, and that one of them is ours.

I remember feeling particularly pleased with the middle eight of this song, and singing it with righteous gusto at live gigs (especially the line ‘I will still love you till one of us dies’), although looking back I’m not at all sure what point I was trying to make. I was clearly very angry about something to do with pop music, or DJs, but it probably wasn’t very important. This used to happen to me a lot, this rage at pop music’s inconsequential quirks – like terrible rhyming, obviously insincere declarations of love, or creative decisions that clearly hadn’t been thought through. I remember getting very worked up about Cher Lloyd’s 2011 single Swagger Jagger on the grounds that surely, at some point in the writing, recording, mastering or design process, somebody should have noticed that the phrase she was referencing was actually swagger jacker. I’d like to say I don’t do this anymore, but it wouldn’t be entirely true.

A footnote: Come On Let’s Go! received one of my favourite ever Swimmer One reviews, from an American website called Delusions of Adequacy. It was one of those reviews that’s quite mean to you but in a way that’s so funny and astute that actually you feel like applauding. “Swimmer One is a band that sees the world as, quite literally, a dance floor, half-full or half-empty. But despite certain tendencies, this is not really a dance band. Rather, Swimmer One is a pop band that writes about dance music. Only in Britain.” Ouch. But yes, fair enough. Another review around that time described us as “Erasure with the fun taken out”, which I loved so much I wanted to put it on our next press release.


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